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Fine Art Printing Resources


I am often asked all sorts of questions about fine-art printing, and specifically about recommending papers, suppliers, and other good sources of information.

I provide students in my printing workshops with a whole list of my favorites, but I thought I would post it here for everyone else.  I’ve left printers off this list because that needs a complete post unto itself – I’m working on it!

Here are my favorites…

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Lightroom Plugins

Borders and watermark added using Mogrify There are some very useful plugins available for Lightroom, and I've tried a good share of them. Here are some of the ones I've been using regularly and recommend: Photographer's ToolBox: this suite of 3 plugins (Mogrify, Enfuse, Transporter) offer some great extra capabilities that I find I use quite often, including options for…

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The march of technology

It has been an incredibly busy time for me lately with various photography projects (more details later), art shows, and finishing the construction of my new 450 sq ft. studio/workshop. I'll have some photos soon, as well as info on the setup including the addition of a new Canon 44" large format printer. Once I get through the long hours…

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Geo-tagging images

GPS technology has advanced tremendously over the last few years, and I've enjoyed using a Garmin 60CSx since last summer. It has become an indispensable tool for me, primarily for trail use while hiking and camping, and also while driving. A great website for GPS info that I refer to on a regular basis is GPS Tracklog, and they do…

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New BACA website

I finally finished upgrading the Beacon Arts Community Association website, and it went live this past weekend. As many of you know, I’m also a part-time technology consultant (more on that in another post), so this project was a perfect fit in terms of my technical know-how and my fine art photography. I volunteered to redesign the site, and it’s been a great learning experiece. It’s allowed me to become involved and meet more people in and out of my arts community, as well as make a good contribution. The website that was in place was already a great asset, and this new upgrade will provide many more features and growth for the future. There’s lots happening in Beacon these days, so I definitely recommend anyone who is local to check out the scene on any second Saturday of the month for new gallery exhibits, and special events.
For those interested, here are some technical details for the site…

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