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My jet lag is over and the red dust is vacuumed out of the camera bag so it is time to send sincere thanks for all your guidance. Your attention to details is not lost on me. One more thing: I first committed to the trip because I knew I would learn a great deal from you, your talent, and your admirable values. My preference is for urban settings vs. landscapes, and for Adirondack settings vs.the Southwest, so what better way to learn than by stepping out of the comfortable into something opposite–and it worked!

Significant experiences are a confluence of many factors–the purpose, the setting, the students and the spontaneous events which add fun and flavor. All of the above could be distilled down to two words, “False Kiva”. That hike has been entered into my Journal of Lifetime Highlights, and it alone made the entire trip worth it.

I do think your images are beautiful, to me they have an almost spiritual quality.
The large one I purchased is framed and on the wall in my new office, and looks fantastic, everyone comments on it. The office is very small, and I bought it partly to do a specific job; it’s like having an extra window on the outside world. But there’s something about that path, my mind just walks down it, almost like walking into the mind.

On behalf of Lawrence Hospital, my partner, Margaret Berenson and I want to thank you once again for not only your wonderful photographs which will now become part of the hospital’s art collection, but your incredibly prompt and willing degree of cooperation in making this all happen. As you know, the installation of everything we added – thus far – was completed a week ago and looks absolutely spectacular. Each piece is very special to us and will be admired by the hospital staff, patients and visitors alike for many years to come.
In the meantime, we want to thank you again so very much for your beautiful work, and your contribution to their art collection. It has been a great pleasure to work with you, and we look forward to hopefully repeating it again before too long.
With all best wishes

The Artist Notecards were great! My office manager loved them too! I had an older patient in here and she just had to see all of them too. (I had just opened the box before she walked in – so I had a “show and tell” day!)

It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and creative artist. Form concept, mock ups of the photo’s on our walls to installation. We could not of asked for anything more. We look forward to working with you again. –

Robert Rodriguez Jr. is a very talented photographer whose work, especially photos of the Hudson River Valley, first came to my attention when I was planning events for the Henry Hudson 400 Commemorative year in my role as executive director of Henry Hudson 400 Foundation.
Having once owned an art gallery, I am always on the look out for rising stars. After the Commemoration, I remembered his work and decided to add some of his photographs to our collection of new artists. I decided to also leave the framing to him and was very pleased with the results.
His photographs are stunning and would grace any home or office. But along with his artistic flair, he is also flexible, efficient and reliable—a pleasure to work with in every way.

Robert’s professionalism and dedication helped us achieve our goal of finding a landscape photograph for our corporate office that would connect us to the Hudson Valley. He was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him and his firm again.

I purchased 4 large photographs of Hudson River landscapes from Robert for a new building at a large New York City hospital. The photos are beyond gorgeous,with a clarity and magical light that are unsurpassed by others. Robert was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him as an excellent source for beautiful photographs.

I purchased a Canvas Museum print of  “Storm Clouds Over Mohonk” in a custom floater frame – It looks FANTASTIC!!!! It is like a jewel in its beauty. Love it!!!! And the packing was fantastic!
Thank you very much. Keep up the good work! Because we’ll be seeing you again…

I received my 2010 Hudson Valley Calendar, and just had to thank you for the stunning work! Every month has a spectacular landscape, but what I especially appreciate are your notes for each photo. It’s like being able to peer a bit into the mind of a landscape photographer, making it seem almost a mini photo workshop.
To top it off, you included bonus prints of a most amazing sunset! I am very happy to have found the perfect “Hudson Valley” gifts to share the natural beauty of this area with my friends and family, thanks to your exceptional photography!

…I have it hanging in my office. It looks great. I am so pleased with the feeling it conveys. The other work is also hanging in my office and is wonderful. Many thanks again for taking care of having the glass repaired. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Robert, We absolutely love it, it is already hanging up. It is quite a stunning picture. Your work is beautiful. Thank you again.

Dear Robert, We received your beautiful (20 x 30 Canvas) photograph yesterday, and you were right, it is outstanding! We love it…you’ve been wonderful to work with and I appreciate your talent, time and efforts in creating such a special 50th birthday gift for my husband.
The picture is so clear and it looks like you can touch the real texture of the rocks in the photo. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll be in contact again.

Hi Robert, We just put the (30×38) Canvas up on our wall and it looks absolutely beautiful. We love it!! I will take a picture in the next day or two and send it to you. Thank you very much.

Thanks again for the fantastic photo from Eagle Lake. You have a real talent for spotting areas, at just the right moment, that make for great images. It serves as a nice reminder of past trips to Acadia as well as future ones.

All of the prints look great in the office (10 total), and I love the way they make me feel closer to nature and the outdoors. My patients love them as well and are always impressed. Thanks again…

I purchased several prints for our office including ‘Jordan Sunrise’ and I must say that it has a calming effect on me and my staff. I love the tranquility that it conveys. You have a great talent for capturing nature the way that it was meant to be….beautiful!

Thank you for the artwork. Everyone loves it! You truly have a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing it with others…

One of my highlight of 2013 was the workshop i did with Robert. He is a fabulous photogtapher as well as a skilled teacher Not only does he understands all of the elements of photography but he has extadinary patience and the ability to listen and clearly explain the issues. I can’t wait to take more woorkshops with him

I would highly recommend this workshop for someone who has had some limited experience with printing and would like to attain a higher level of finished print. Printers,papers,ICC profiles,are all covered in some detail. A basic understanding of Lightroom is helpful, since most image adjustments  and printing are made here. This workshop convinced me that a good print is essential  for a true representation of the artists work.

Because of watching his videos, I chose to attend his Moab workshop in May. It was a phenomenal workshop! I have previously been on workshops in Colorado, one with a nationally recognized photographer-and have been disappointed. Robert’s approach to photography and his approach to educating others is very definitely a gift. I learned a great deal.

It was a total immersion in the theory of seeing. He excels in paying individual attention to his workshop participants and the particular needs of each. Robert’s preparation and knowledge of the workshop location made for a stellar experience for me and I hope to attend another workshop with him.

This workshop and Robert’s metaphysical approach,( what is there? and what is it like?) to photography freed my inner vision to be allowed to photograph what I “feel” in nature. It also helps me to stop focussing only on the iconic scenes to share with others and instead compose and share other scenes as beautiful in nature. – Carol A Locke, Colorado

“After the first day of the Spring in Arches and Canyonlands workshop, my wife, Judy, and I knew we were in for something special. These two national parks and the surrounding areas were unique and as beautiful as any I had ever been to. The photographic opportunities were endless and Robert’s intimate knowledge of the area and planning before we got there allowed us to maximize the use of our time. Rising hours before sunrise and finishing the day after the sun had set was a commitment happily made by everyone in the group, nice easygoing people from many walks of life who shared a common goal. That was to enjoy the time and the place and to make better images. As hard as we worked, Robert worked just as hard or harder, both in the classroom and in the field.

Robert has often talked and written that it’s okay to fail in the process of learning. I am old enough to be cynical when people say things like that. But it was true. While I failed many times, particularly during the first two or three days, Robert was always there to help and encourage, but never to criticize in any negative way. And when that proverbial light bulb finally went off and my pictures began to reflect many of the things Robert had been drumming into our heads, I realized how much I had learned in such a short, but intense period of time. I had become more of a master of my equipment instead of the other way around. Robert helped me learn how to see and find images that had previously been invisible to me. And, starting from scratch on the first day, I learned enough about Lightroom to get the most out of the images I had made.

Robert, I want to thank you again for all your extra effort in making the workshop a truly incredible experience. Don’t say “it was my job”, because lots of people have jobs where only the minimum level of acceptable performance is given. You went far beyond that. The amount we all learned was extraordinary and we even had a few laughs in the process. You can’t ask for more than that.” – Miles Josephson

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the Printing Workshop yesterday. You are a talented teacher. Your workshop was well organized, while still being relaxed and personal. Your grasp of the subject matter is awesome. My husband and I had the privilege of attending your Moab workshop and both of my experiences were terrific. I think you encourage each of your students to be the best photographer that they can be. Thanks again.