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“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’ve dedicated my life to exploring and nurturing creativity, finding expression through music, photography, painting, and writing. This journey, deeply rooted in my gratitude for life and the natural world, has taught me the value of making creativity my life’s theme. Now, I’m excited to share with you the principles and insights gleaned from this journey, aimed at fostering self-discovery and realizing your artistic potential.

Whether you’re a photographer, or exploring other forms of visual arts, my mentorship program is designed to cater to your unique needs. Work one-on-one with me to refine your creative vision, advance your technical and artistic skills, and expand your potential.

Your journey with me begins with an in-depth conversation, analyzing your skills and artistic trajectory: understanding your past, present, and envisioning your future goals. Creating meaningful work requires a commitment to your personal vision, and the stories you have to share; the tools comes second. This philosophy extends to all forms of art.

For me, mastery is the pursuit of excellence in a particular field with the goal of simply taking great satisfaction in the journey. That is how I approach mentoring and believe it’s the best way to make creativity the most valuable part of ones life. 

Your mentorship can include:

  • Uncovering your artistic direction, measuring your artistic growth
  • Review and overhaul of your personal artistic process
  • Review and critique of your images, looking for threads and themes
  • Portfolio building or review, critique and analysis
  • Creative editing and workflow in Lightroom
  • Increasing your visual literacy 
  • Custom photo assignments and exercises
  • Fine art printing
  • Enhancing your overall creativity

Creative Path Mentorship Programs - Levels and Details

One Hour Zoom Session

In a one-hour mentorship session, you’ll receive personalized, in-depth guidance tailored to your specific needs as a photographer.

Whether it’s refining your artistic vision, improving your use of Lightroom, or receiving constructive feedback on your images, I’ll provide you with actionable advice and insights based on my experience as a working artist. This focused, one-on-one consultation is designed to accelerate your growth, enhance your skills, and empower you to achieve your photographic goals with confidence and clarity.

$99 Buy Now

One Month Creative Assessment and Guidance

This plan is for you if you need short-term help with a specific area of your photography and creativity.

  • Two 20-min Zoom sessions plus chat and email communication
  • Basic review and analysis of your work
  • Basic critique and feedback via recorded videos
  • Assessment and creative plan
  • Private forum area with additional resources and group discussion

FEE: $395.00

Three-Month Basic Mentorship

This plan is for you if you are passionate about meaningful landscape and nature photography, and want to expand and explore your creative energy and potential.

-Application and Evaluation

Shorter application and online survey to better understand what your needs and expectations are, and also to make sure we can work towards an outcome that provides the greatest creative benefit to you.

-Initial Portfolio/Image Review via Zoom (30min – Recorded)

Review of 8-10 images with basic critique/feedback and a discussion of strengths and weaknesses. We can then form a basic creative strategy for 3 months that helps you move towards your creative goals.

-Four to Six Custom Tailored Assignments

Based on our initial review and discussion, I’ll recommend four to six assignments and provide review and feedback via a private forum. This will form the bulk of the creative and technical development work and relies on you putting in the time to work on the assignments and review my feedback and suggestions.

-Group Q+A Session (Recorded)

You will have access to an additional group session Q+A via a webinar where we will discuss many of the concepts in the mentorship program including composition, field techniques. creative processing in Lightroom, and other related topics.

FEE: $795.00

The Creative Mentorship Program is available by application only.

I want to be absolutely sure it is the right program for you and that I will be able to exceed your expectations.


Thank you, Robert, for our recent mentorship session. You have an amazing grasp of Lightroom; and, you have an uncanny ability to relay that knowledge in a patient and thorough way.
Also, your comments on composition and color were most helpful!  Finally, you have a positive, “can-do” attitude and a terrific sense of humor which has energized my photographic journey.
Many thanks, again, Robert, and all the best to your Creative Community and you.  
Sincerely, Carl Cascella- March 2024

I highly recommend Robert’s mentorship programs. I had the pleasure of participating in his Acadia workshop several years ago, and found his approach to photography, particularly composition and light to be extremely helpful. 

However, I had gotten stuck and couldn’t quite get that special touch of the three elements I was trying to achieve. I reached out to Robert to see if he would consider helping me work through my frustration with not getting where I wanted to be. We both thought a mentorship would be helpful.

He worked with me on improving my approach to composition, light and feeling. It was terrific. His ability to understand what I was seeking and his mentoring on what I need to look for, how I could improve in the field, composition and post processing techniques, was extremely helpful.  All techniques that are ones that when you see their impact, you say WOW, and of course that makes so much sense. It is well worth experiencing his mentoring to help one move to a refined level of understanding and skill. – Tana Ebbole, Jan 2024