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When: Tuesday, April 19th
Where: Online via GoToWebinar
Webinar Available


Are you struggling with maintaining your Lightroom catalogs? Are you confused about when to have multiple catalogs, or how to move and synchronize catalogs between your desktop and laptop computers? This webinar covers all of the information you need to work with catalogs in an efficient and productive way.

This is a 90 minute live webinar limited to 20 students to provide everyone with the maximum instructor attention and  encourages questions and open discussions.

What You Will Learn

  • The Lightroom catalog structure
  • Importing and managing your images
  • Categorizing, keywording, and grouping your images
  • Using multiple catalogs and specific case studies
  • Time-saving tips and shortcuts

Included in Workshop

PDF Downloads of workshop outline and additional learning material, access to the entire webinar via recorded video files afterwards.

• Cancellation Policy and FAQ’s