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My jet lag is over and the red dust is vacuumed out of the camera bag so it is time to send sincere thanks for all your guidance. Your attention to details is not lost on me. One more thing: I first committed to the “Spring in Arches Workshop”  because I knew I would learn a great deal from you, your talent, and your admirable values. My preference is for urban settings vs. landscapes, and for Adirondack settings vs. the Southwest, so what better way to learn than by stepping out of the comfortable into something opposite–and it worked!
Significant experiences are a confluence of many factors–the purpose, the setting, the students and the spontaneous events which add fun and flavor. All of the above could be distilled down to two words, “False Kiva”. That hike has been entered into my Journal of Lifetime Highlights, and it alone made the entire trip worth it.

I’ll be sure to talk up the Moab trip and recommend it to anyone looking for a meaningful adventure.

William Panuska [May 2013]

The “Spring in Arches National Park” workshop exceeded all of my hopes. The workshop is a full immersion into the landscape. Robert is there for any suggestions, instruction, or discussion as to any image or set up, but gives you the freedom to explore and experiment. It is so different from so many workshops which cart you to a specific location, unload the van for one image, and then pack up to another site. It is an adventure, with off road and less traveled locations, and time to get the feeling or sense of what you want to capture. You see that in all of the participants up before dawn, eager to head out to hike out to a location, and then share the images and exchange ideas in lieu of a mid day nap.

There are many workshops to great locations, but what sets Robert apart is his dedication to the experience. He is exceptionally well planned and familiar with the location, but equally flexible to weather, location and light to get the most out of the time. To put the better part of a week devoted solely to improving your photography with other people who share that passion is what I wanted, and got. I think the number or return participants, like myself, to your workshops speaks volumes as to how rewarding they are. You inspire us to work better, get in better shape, and to improve ourselves in so many ways. I look forward to my next workshop with you and fellow participants.

Bill Bogle [May/2012]

Robert’s workshop in Arches National Park was a phenomenal experience, and a major milestone in my growth as a creative photographer. It gave me the opportunity to leap forward in my understanding of serious landscape photography by employing its tools and techniques in the field and the digital darkroom. Robert’s careful and patient instruction enabled me to make the most of each opportunity, and the knowledge I gained has impacted all my photographic endeavors.

Arches National Park is one of the most stunning and unique places on earth, but Robert helped me to see the less obvious opportunities to capture the park’s beauty. He takes great care in ensuring that students are getting the best possible experience and are adequately prepared for the challenges. I would not hesitate to attend one of his future workshops.

Wiley Rittenhouse [May/2012]

Rebecca and I wanted to thank you for a terrific time the other week while on your workshop in Utah. Your chosen locations, attention to detail, and humble attitude were all pure enjoyment to participate in. Our expectations were fully meet and surpassed. It was a challenge but we both were prepared and ready to accept it. Utah is a “tough” land in many respects so we knew things were not going to just be a “walk in the park”. This is just the kind of adventure we are always looking for.

We both learned a great deal from you as well. Rebecca liked your approach and tips on the digital aspects of photography from the moment before the shutter is clicked to the time spent in the digital darkroom. I grew a greater appreciation for both your style and insights on the intangibles of photography that you always stress.

In the end, we both are thankful and happy to have been able to learn from you and the group and to have experienced such a special and beautiful part of the country. Best wishes to you and we hope to see you again in the future.

Michael & Rebecca Henasey [May/2012]

I recently had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop with Robert Rodriguez, Jr. in Acadia National Park and it was one of the most awesome educational opportunities I’ve ever experienced. Not only was the five day program well organized with daily early morning trips to a variety of geographically-different visual sites, but it also included full afternoon classroom workshops dealing with composition, lighting and Adobe Lightroom techniques, and daily sunset trips to more stunning vistas.

The entire fives days were complete with Rodriguez’s hands-on approach, taking personal time to educate each student. The class was small and we quickly became comfortable with one another, frequently laughing over past experiences over dinner or breakfast together. Rodriguez shared his passion and perfection-driven photography and pushed us each to become better visionaries as well as photographers. He is an amazing teacher as well as an absolutely awesome photographer.

Chris Davis Cina [Feb/2012]

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for a great workshop. I really learned a lot about shooting manually and using (my new favorite accessory) the polarizer! The locations today inspired me to get out and explore more so I’m really looking forward to your Hudson Valley guide when it comes out. I look forward to “chasing the light” with you again soon.

Dennis Hammond [May/2012]

Robert’s workshop was certainly worth the time and costs! He is very personable and gave me feedback and tips appropriate to my level. With some key learnings that I’ve taken away with me, I’m ready to get to the next level! He provides a good mix of field time and studio time, with opportunities to see the significant impact of appropriate photo editing. I’m very glad I attended the workshop and came away more confident and enthusiastic! Kudos to Robert!

Hillel Brandes [PA May/2011]

Saturday my brother William Taylor from West Hartford, Conn and I attended Robert Rodriguez Jr’s workshop – “Real World LightRoom”. It was an incredible learning experience. Rob is a great teacher and there is so much to learn about this new technology. Hopefully my brain will retain some of what he taught us…but the experience of seeing his images and how he works so hard – okay 6 am on the snowy Hudson River….just a wonderful class. And Brenda’s lunch of vegetable soup and sandwiches, and cookies – yumm…

Linda T Hubbard, Beacon, NY [July/2011]

On behalf of the board of directors and the program chairman, we wish to thank you for your marvelous presentation you gave last Friday. It was very informative, entertaining, and educational. We feel that our members will greatly benefit from it, and I received many favorable comments about it. You elevated my image as the program chairman, and president of WPS. We certainly look forward to having you back again, and I can give you a few dates that are open in 2011…

Mano Orel, President Westchester Photographic Society [Jan/2011]

Thank you for taking the time and sharing your skills. I always learn something at your workshops, and related to the group yesterday, that I can always trust the information you pass along. Because you are so careful in your own work, I know that your workflow is based on tried methods and that if I integrate those tools, it will most definitely bring my photography to another level. All of that, in addition to your generous and patient manner, creates a dynamic atmosphere for learning. Can’t wait for the printing workshop!

Debbie Schwarz [Oct/2010]

The Hudson Valley Fall Workshop was extremely helpful. I am clearly a beginner, but I am really appreciative of your blog where it helps explain the essential equipment necessary to achieve quality images. I may pick your brain and certainly will attend more workshops. The fact that you share this info is greatly appreciated. Thanks –

TJ Tarateta [Oct/2010]

Just wanted to say “thank you” for the technical assistance you offered during last Saturday’s workshop. I have been pretty frustrated with some of the shots I have taken recently due to out-of-focus foreground features. Your 1-on-1 instruction while we attempted to frame the cascades on Stony Brook within the yellow-leafed branches helped me immensely.

On Sunday, my wife – Sarah – and I took a quick hike in Harriman out to an area called “Valley of the Boulders” looking for migrating birds. I didn’t bring my camera then, so went out again on Tuesday to experiment with what you had taught me. Played with f-stops, hyperfocal distance, exposure times, composition, etc. I’ve posted some of the best of the bunch to my Flickr account.

Here’s one as an example that I couldn’t have taken without your teaching- Thank You!!!!

Thomas Rhindress [Oct/2010]

Thank you for your in depth and insightful coverage of the printing work flow. You are a passionate, articulate, creative and driving voice for the art of photography. As they say in my business you talk the talk and walk the walk. Hope to see you again soon. Warm regards,

Linda Magnusson-Rosario – Chief Executive Officer [Mar/2010]

Thank you for the printing workshop…the information is helpful, love your studio and you are a natural teacher. The time flew by.”

Wayne Stix  [Mar/2010]

The Lightroom workshop was amazing (I hope you got my thank you card). I got so much out of it, and have been truly enjoying using Lightroom. You organized the course so well – taking us through the workflow in a logical, step-by-step way, and your explanations were very easy to grasp…

Amber Wylie [July/2009]

Dear Robert , I thoroughly enjoyed the fall colors field workshop and your expert instruction. I found your insight and technical knowledge extremely helpful to advance my growth as a photographer. I look forward to continuing my work with you in further workshops and private consultation.

Peter Geller, Newburgh, NY [July/2009]

Bill and I had a wonderful time. It was a great time outdoors and we learned so much that we both would eagerly join you again.

Mark Mason [July/2009]

Hey Robert, Thank you again for a most excellent workshop. I am always happy when I can come away with new information and techniques to improve my photography, and working with you was most beneficial.

William Stark [Oct/2008]

After 25 years of photographing, I feel so energized to be able to create beautiful images after learning from Robert. His teachings of lighting, vision, composition and color in nature truly opened my eyes.

Dawn Sela, Beacon, NY (2nd workshop) [Oct/2008]

Dear Robert, Thank you for the wonderful, fun filled, informative workshop. I appreciate your obvious efforts to scout the beautiful locations, willingness to share your “trade secrets,” use your studio, the kind critiquing our photographs, the question and answer period and of course the delicious lunch.

I have been photographing nature and landscapes for forty-six years. On Saturday you showed me how to capture the scene that has eluded me until now.
WOW! Thanks. I Can’t wait to do it again.

Wayne Stix, White Plains, NY [Oct/2008]

First of all, thank you so much for sharing your incredible knowledge with us Saturday. If I’m able to retain 10% of what you covered I’ll consider the day an overwhelming success. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to other sessions with you.

Al Higgins, VT [Oct/2008]

Robert, I wanted to thank you for a very informative printing workshop this past Saturday. There is so much to learn in this field particularly if you want to understand every aspect of photography as I do. Thanks again and looking forward to the next one.

Tom DiBuono, Harrison, NY [Oct/2008]

I really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to additional offerings for 2009… I don’t think I even have any suggestions for improving the Fine Art Workshop since I enjoyed it and learned so much.! Just keep doing what you’re doing!

Dawn Sela, Beacon, NY [Oct/2008]